Coffee & Lattes


POC gets their whole coffee beans from a local roaster and grinds them fresh every day!


 12 oz. $2.00     16 oz. $2.25     20 oz. $2.50


Breakfast Blend



Our lattes are hand crafted by our POC baristas and made with whole beans ground to order.

Happy Hour 3-5 pm  Monday-Friday $1 off any Latte!


  Choice of whole, skim or soy milk

Make your drink skinny...

Order your latte with skim milk & sugar free caramel, vanilla,

chocolate, white chocolate or  hazelnut syrup!

  • Hot 12 oz. $3.25
  • Hot 16 oz. $3.95  
  • Hot 20 oz. $4.75   
  • Iced 20 oz. $3.95
  • Iced 24 oz. $4.75
  • Frappe 20 oz. $4.75
  • Frappe 24 oz. $5.75

* Whipped cream has an additional 50¢ charge except if noted on drink description. All Frappes included whipped cream.

Almond Joy-  A joyous combination of chocolate, coconut & almond. 

Birthday Cake-  A yummy flavor combination of cupcakes & white chocolate.  Topped with whipped cream & sprinkles. How fun is that?

Cafe Ole'- This drink is not just a play on words, but a complex chocolate latte with a hint of vanilla, cinnamon & spices... For an extra kick add a sprinkle of cayenne on top.

Caramel Macchiato- Hard to spell, so easy to drink our caramel & vanilla Latte is a sweet sensation you will love.

Caramel Mocha-  This Latte blends two kinds of chocolate, plus caramel for a chocolate version of the caramel macchiato.

Chai-  Where do we begin? This earthy spiced tea Latte is a perfect blend of fresh brewed masala tea, brown sugar & spices.  A taste of India in Indiana.

Chocolate Hazelnut-  Hot or cold this combination is a rich blend of chocolate & hazelnut.

Cinnamon Dolce-  Sugar & spice our cinnamon dolce is so nice!

Happy Hippy-  The trinity of lattes, chocolate, caramel & vanilla... Oh so good!

Honey Bee-  White chocolate, vanilla and real honey blended together for a sweet fragrant drink. Sure to be a summer time favorite!

London Fog-  Strong hot tea, steamed milk & a hint a vanilla.  This drink is recommended by our own English baker.

Luck of the Irish- A delicious blend of white chocolate & Irish cream.

Mocha-  A chocolate lovers perfect Latte.

Pumpkin Spice-  Our pumpkin Latte is a fall treat that can't be beat!

Snicker Doodle-  This cinnamon Latte compliments our snicker doodle cookie so well.

The Nancy-  What is that crazy girl up to now?  She has come up with our most popular Latte to date! This vanilla, caramel, hazelnut concoction is on point.

Tree Hugger- Our vegan version of the happy hippy. (Made with soy milk)

Trippy Hippy-  It's the happy hippy with an extra shot (or two) of espresso.

Vanilla Chai-  Our almost famous Chai Latte with a splash of vanilla.

Vanilla-  Sweet, simple & delicious hot or cold.

White Chocolate-  Our yummy mocha Latte made with white chocolate.

White Peppermint Mocha-  White chocolate with a splash of peppermint... Christmas in a cup, no matter what time of the year it is.


Other Beverages...


 Cold Brew Iced Tea  24 oz. $1.50

Un-Sweet     Lightly Sweet     Southern Sweet

Raspberry Iced Tea   24 oz. $2.00

Hot Tea     16oz. $1.50     20 oz. $2.00

Chai     Earl Grey     Green Tea     Irish Breakfast    

Mint Black Tea     Raspberry Zinger

Chai Decaf     Earl Grey Decaf        

Hot Chocolate    12 oz. $2.50   16 oz. $3.00    20 oz. $3.50

Coca Cola Products $1.75

Coke     Coke Zero     Diet Coke    Sprite   

    Mello Yellow     Mr. Pibb     Barq's Root Beer

Minute Made Juices $1.75

Apple Juice     Orange Juice

Bottled Water $1.25