Signature Cakes

  • Boston Cream Pie
  • Banana Cream
  • Pina Coloda
  • Chocolate Moose Cake

Signature cakes are both beautiful & delicious,
however they do not come with extra decor

Double layer 8″ Round $35 

Double layer 10″ Round $45 




1/4 sheet $40

1/3 sheet $55

1/2 sheet $70

full sheet $85

Banana Cream

This is one of Cate's favorite cakes.
Our delicious buttery banana cake frosted in whipped frosting with banana pudding on top and between the layers then sprinkled with crushed graham cracker crumbs.


 Black Forrest

This old fashioned chocolate cake has a cherry filling and is iced in whipped frosting then we top the cake  with more cherries and drizzle with chocolate ganache for a finishing touch.


Boston Cream Pie

Our moist butter cake filled with vanilla mousse, covered in rich chocolate frosting and topped with ganache.


Butter Rum

Our delicious butter cake soaked in our secret rum sauce, iced with whipped frosting and topped with rich chocolate ganache.



Mocha cake with whipped frosting between the layers, covered in our wonderful mocha frosting then topped off with rich chocolate ganache.



This cake will make you dream of the islands... Our delicious banana cake, frosted  with  made from scratch cream cheese icing then covered in toasted coconut.



From Cate-"The first time I tried this cake we were staying with my Aunt Carol the summer I turned twelve. I couldn’t believe that a cake made with a vegetable could taste this darn good! Of course covering it with that delicious cream cheese frosting didn’t hurt." Our made from scratch cake is full of shredded carrots and toasted pecans then iced with our cream cheese icing.


Chocolate Covered Cherry

This cake is a close cousin to the black forest cake…
Rich chocolate icing replaces the whipped frosting for an
exceptionally decadent dessert.


Chocolate 4-Ever

This cake is truly a chocoholics favorite cake!
It combines our chocolate cake with chocolate chips baked into it.
Then it's covered in  chocolate frosting and topped with a silky layer of chocolate ganache.  This cake defines what a decadent dessert should be.


Chocolate Moose

Chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, covered in whipped creme and topped with chocolate ganache. This cake is triple chocolaty, yet still light and delicious.


Chocolate Bourbon

This cake is a kissing cousin of our delicous rum cake.
  This is made with moist chocolate cake soaked in our sweet bourbon sauce, covered in whipped frosting and topped with chocolate ganache.  Real Kentucky bourbon makes this cake a one of a kind decadence.


Chocolate Rum

This cake is our own version of rum cake.
Ours is made with moist chocolate cake soaked in our sweet rum sauce, covered in whipped frosting and topped with chocolate ganache. Real dark rum gives this cake a distinctive flavor.


 Cookies & Cream Supreme

Vanilla cake filled with chunks of chocolate cream cookies.  This cake is frosted in whipped frosting & topped with chocolate ganache.  Our newest signature cake is as delicious as it sounds.


Italian Cream

Rich buttermilk, coconut, pecan cake, iced with our cream cheese frosting that has coconut and toasted pecans stirred in.


Kahlua & Cream

This cake was created for our mother’s 60th birthday.
It combines two of her favorite drinks, coffee and Kahlua.
We took our mocha cake soaked in Kahlua, then covered in whipped frosting and topped with chocolate ganache.


Mississippi Mud

Chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting with marshmallow cream piled on top & between the layers then generously sprinkled with toasted pecans and drizzled in chocolate ganache.


Pina Colada

Coconut cake soaked in sweet coconut rum sauce, layered with crushed pineapple, covered in whipped frosting and topped with toasted coconut and a cherry.  Sure to be an anytime favorite!



If a spice cake and a pumpkin pie had a baby, it would be our delicious pumpkin cake.  Moist, crumbly pumpkin spice cake covered in our made from scratch cream cheese icing. Yum!


Pumpkin Praline

Our moist, crumbly pumpkin spice cake, filled with a layer of caramel and toffee bits, then frosted with light whipped creme icing.


White Queen

Cate made this cake for her daughter Alyssa’s eighth grade graduation luncheon. We wanted something both light and decadent. This was a perfect choice. Vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse, covered in whipped frosting then topped with white ganache, simply delicious.


All Tres Leches Cakes are available as sheet cakes only


Chocolate Tres Leches

Tres Leches means three milks. Our version of this traditional Hispanic desert is simply irresistible. We start with our rich chocolate cake, then soak it in a sweet milk mixture. The cake is covered in our whipped icing and dusted with cocoa powder.


Coconut Tres Leches

My favorite cake on our menu. This delicious Hispanic desert is made with our coconut cake soaked in a sweet coconut milk mixture then covered with whipped icing. Then we cover the the cake in freshly toasted coconut.


Strawberry Shortcake Tres Leches- not available until Spring

This is this Hispanic version of a strawberry shortcake. We start with our vanilla cake then soak it in a delicious sweet milk mixture, then frosted in whipped topping. Then we slice fresh strawberries, toss them in a sweet glaze and cover the top of the cake.


Sweet Rum Tres Leches

Our tres leches cake with a kick! A butter cake soaked in a sweet milk and dark rum sauce, then covered in whipped topping. No mistaking this cake is for grown ups.


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